Are you one of those people that finds themselves lamenting that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone fit in a workout?

Of course you don’t have a spare hour in the day. I don’t know a single person that finds themselves sitting for an hour, staring at the wall with nothing to do. No one does. If you want time to fit in your workout, you have to CREATE it.

You may not have a huge chunk of spare time to fill up, but you do have small bits of time that you can pull together. And for those rare few that don’t even have that, you will have to rearrange, consolidate and delegate, but you can do it.

Still skeptical? Here are some simple ways to free up time in your day. Pick the ones that pertain to your situation and create more time for workouts, leisure activities, or to just sit and relax.

Find your time suckers. Take a day or two, and write down everything you do. How much time do you devote to checking Facebook? Surfing the Internet in general? Watching TV? Cleaning the house? You don’t even need to eliminate these time sucks, some of them are necessary, but they eat up a lot of minutes every day. Simply cutting the time you devote to them each day can easily free up a lot of time.

Save errands for one day. Instead of running to the store once a day, or the bank a few times a week, save everything up for one trip, one day a week.

Plan your meals for the week and cook them ahead of time. Pick one afternoon a week and prepare easy, freezable meals like veggie-loaded lasagnas, casseroles, soups and stews. Portion them out in Tupperware for both lunches and dinners and your family meals are done for the whole week. Making big batches of healthy staples like brown rice and chicken breasts, and pre-washing and cutting fresh fruits and veggies can save you even more meal prep time.

Ask for help. It’s easy to do everything yourself so you know it gets done, but it’s OK to ask for help every now and again. Asking your hubby to pick up groceries, or your teen to drop off your tween at dance is completely reasonable. Everyone needs to pitch in, that’s part of being in a family.

Carpool. If you have kids that constantly need chauffeured around, hook up with other parents and share the load. Most parents would jump at the chance to get a night or two off.

Leave work at work. Don’t come home from work and immediately dive into your emails. Save work for work hours. I promise you, it can wait.

Wake up an hour earlier. That’s the single easiest way to find an extra hour in your day.

Prioritize. Get your most important things done first, so those not-so-vital things can be pushed until tomorrow if need be. If it comes down to working out and folding the laundry, working out can win without any huge consequences. The laundry will be there tomorrow.

Use your lunch break. Don’t think it’s doable? Think again.  See if your work has a locker room or shower  facility you can use at lunch.  If not, you can still get out for brisk 20 min walk and escape the office chair.

Turn off your phone. Or at least put it down for a few minutes.

Just say “No”. You don’t have to attend every party, function, Happy Hour and get together you are invited to. Saying “no” to others every once in a while is part of making yourself a priority.