I LOST – over 23 Lb, 20 Inches and over 4% Body Fat!

Growing up, my mother always said to me “you’re just big-boned like your grandmother.” Sadly, I believed it and ate my way through every emotion.

When I was 20, my dream was to be a medical professional, and I realized that I couldn’t be THAT person who preached one thing, but did the complete opposite.

The highest number I can recall seeing on the scale was 260 pounds; it is very feasible that I weighed more, but that’s just embarrassing! During 4 years of college I lost 45 pounds by using simple math; cut calories consumed and burn more calories than normal. During graduate school I lost another 35 pounds while training for half-marathons and monitoring food & alcohol consumption. I ran 4 half-marathons in 364 days, and had reached my goal of lookin’ good in skinny jeans!

Once I began living the grown-up life, as a medical professional (at a happy 180 pounds) I became complacent with work-outs and had added several cheats in my food regimen. I gained about 10 pounds over 2 years, and knew I could do better for myself!

I began Kent Fit Body Boot Camp in January, and I immediately felt like it fit right into their Boot Camp Family. Through numerous and adequately torturous workouts, I lost a few inches but not enough weight. After conversations with Connie, I decided to up my caloric intake. Finding 300 extra calories each day of truly healthy food was a challenge all on its own. With Connie’s help and support; I eliminated gluten and added TONS more veggies. After simply adding those few extra calories the pounds just melted away… 12 pounds down after the first 2½  months; now I am 4 months into my adventures  in Fit Body Boot Camp and I have lost ** more pounds!

I am proud to say have surpassed my goal weight and am now the owner of saggy skinny jeans. I am excited to see what I can do. At the age of 20, I never would have thought that my life had the potential to change so much over 9 years, but now I’ve learned; I have so much more to offer! I have one body and one life… I will LIVE it!