Memorial Day – where I grew up – was the traditional kickoff to Summer.  We were already out of school and coming up with summer adventures with the neighborhood kids, or later on, making sure all my lawn mowing customers had their lawns perfect and ready for the big day.  It was always hot or at least warm on Memorial Day and if we weren’t going on some family picnic to a local state park, we headed to the opening day of the town pool.

Things here in the Northwest a quite a bit different – It definitely won’t be hot this year, school still has another 2 weeks to go and the going for swim at the pool will have to wait another couple weeks for the sun to get revved up again.

So in place of that swim, we’ve included a new Body Weight workout /challenge to try for you and even your family.  The exercises are simple & easy to do, it won’t take very long to complete and you can challenge your family members to see who can do it the fastest – all in good fun, of course.

Just click here to bring up the file  >>  Memorial Day Bodyweight Challenge  <<

Give it go and let us know how you do!!

Happy Memorial day from Connie and Colin at Kent Fit Body Boot Camp!!