mudrunpicRemember when you were a kid and loved going out on rainy days and jumping around in the mud puddles? It was a blast for everyone involved – except your mom who had to clean up the mess!
Well now you can enjoy that same exhilaration of jumping feet first into the big puddle thanks to a recent proliferation of Mud/Obstacle runs in the area. You may have heard of the Warrior or Spartan or Tough Mudder and wondered what they were all about.

Well this is your year to take the plunge and go find out for yourself.

The 2013 Mud Run is already in full swing with the Survivor Mud Run going on this weekend in Carnation at Remlinger Farms. After that, there are 10 more races this summer with a little something for everyone to consider.

Click the link below  to see the complete list of local obstacle and mud runs in the area along with links to the race websites.
Most races are about 3 miles long with between 8-20 obstacles on the course. All of them encourage costumes and team participation. While it is a race, the real point of these events is to have fun, fun, fun!

The end of the season race is the Tough Mudder – a grueling 30 obstacle, 11 mile event billed as the “Toughest Event on the Planet”.   This event is hard core and definitely one to consider if you want to really challenge yourself.

UPDATE TO THE SCHEDULE!!!!     The 7 Summit AR has been moved to OCTOBER 12 and will be held in McCleary WA.

2013 Seattle Area Mud Runs Final